Wireless Fast Deployment

Out-of-the-box capability for deploying a high-capacity wireless network every-time everywhere

•Emergency Response
•Public Safety
•Tripod setup in minutes
•500+ users per Array

Fast and easy deployment of Wi-Fi service across a large area and for up to hundreds of users using a single, pre-configured device. The RDK provides a complete, portable wireless solution with everything needed to create a Wi-Fi network in two rugged cases. It is easily deployed indoors or outdoors for temporary situations requiring wireless access. The RDK is designed to quickly and simply provide a robust connectivity solution, supporting voice, video and data access to many users over a large area without the complexity of deploying multiple APs, antennas, controllers, etc. Advanced models support 802.11n, for ultra-high coverage, bandwidth, and throughput. The RDK delivers out-of-the-box capability for deploying a fully functional wireless network. Typical applications include: conferences, expositions, festivals, disaster response, command posts, etc. The RDK includes a built in DHCP server and RADIUS server to easily build secure, scalable mobile networks.

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